Tuesday, August 8, 2023

National Girlfriends Day 2023

National Girlfriends Day - August 1

One of the things I enjoy most about the feminine differential is the "closeness" that girlfriends have. An openness and comrade that reflects a bond that women enjoy together. Almost like having a membership in an exclusive club. 

Treasure Coast Social Women 
 Lunch at the Oak and Ember Restaurant
 downtown Stuart

My Meetup groups allow me  an opportunity to visit and be accepted into that club. These interactions are amazing. As Stana describes it, "being in the civilian world". 

Monday I attended a new meetup group, "Treasure Coast Social Women".  About fourteen women got together for an elegant, long lunch at a downtown Stuart, FL restaurant.  We met at 11:45 and stayed until about 2:00 pm.  There was laughter, shared stories and reflection on being a woman of our age. The conversations went from silly to serious; always enlightening and fun. 

All attending are now Florida gals, however from all over; Alabama, Oregon, several New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and me, Virginia.  Three were also native Floridians, from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. 

I was one of the five (5) new members that day and many knew each other from past events. I was invited to be a "regular" and "be sure" to attend upcoming  Meetup gatherings; I will. 

An After Lunch Walk in Downtown Stuart.

I am not hiding or trying to be stealth, just being myself. I am open about being a blog writer and always invite all of my Meetup girlfriends to explore it.

Of the four woman's social groups that I attend no one has ever commented that I may not belong or am out-of-place.

I encourage you to join Meetup groups.  Some are just social like the ones I attend. Others are about hobbies, travel, wine, or dinners. If the Meetup is not your cup-of-tea, nothing is lost. Then try another or start a Meetup group and see who joins. 

Most important is the "Escape" and being visible - Enjoy life!




  1. Thanks Rhonda- sounds like a wonderful lunch! I've joined several women's groups at our Unitarian Fellowship and find very much the same.

  2. I've never really thought about Meetup groups like this---I may have to investigate if there are any similar groups here in NH