Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Feminin Differential - How do you coordinate clothes?


According to the " LET'S EXPRESSO" blog Coordinate Fashion rules!  I remember my first shopping excursions into women's fashion and being amazed at how, with the designer's help, you could match skirts, blouses and professional jackets.  In the 80's Liz Claiborne, Jones NY and, Austin Reed made it so easy. One-stop shopping. And, I may still have a blouse and jacket coordinate left. The next step was finding the perfect shoes. The planning and putting everything together was so much fun. 

Here is a good overview from the above-mentioned blog:

For those who do not know, co ords is short for coordinates. Coordinates are worn in the same print or matching colours and styled in such a way that the different pieces can be worn together. For casual wear, you have co-ords available in shorts, dress shorts etc. For formal wear there are co-ords with pants or a formal skirt. One can look absolutely stunning with a blazer as an add on. In this [blog] articles we will discuss about the co ords and its flexibility over various occasions. 

Most all of my outfits these days are casual with few professional moments left.  What I enjoy now is being relaxed and comfortable in my clothes; jeans, shorts, and T-shirts. However, that does not preclude working to make an outfit look like it was planned - coordinated.  This is especially true when attending casual dinners, or Meetup lunches. 

Here are the above items from Talbots, (now on sale): 




The sandals are Nine West (also at a great price):

Angel Heeled Slide Sandals

Update:  The last piece of the above layout arrived today. I had tried on the Jeans in the store, but ordered a better fitting size. The whole outfit looks stunning together. I especially like the matching "tie-dye stripe" top with the jeans. The top has a great feminine accent on the shoulder design. Sometimes an outfit comes together perfectly.     

The photo here shows one other look, as with adding my jeans shirt as above. The photo from the LET'S EXPRESSO" blog highlights how even jeans can be coordinated. A great look.   

Remember coordinates are a result of playing with colors and associating random pairs and of course designs too. Play with your clothes, mix & match and again match to finally achieve the perfect combination. That will be your Coordinate Story.

A fun Feminine Differential. 

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