Friday, August 18, 2023

Fun Friday - Skort (Revisit)

Boston Proper - Denim Pull On Skort


Abby alerted me to Boston Proper's Denim Pull-On Skort a few weeks back after my "A Classic Everyday Look - Fun Friday". Her comment:

Boston Proper has a denim skort in the exact same color on greatly reduced price today. Mine is well-made and comfortable to wear all day.

Thank you Abby and you were right on the price. I paid just 24.99 each for the Denim and Fandango Pink colors. The color is listed as pink, however, it is also a good match for my "TALBOTS CINCHED SHOULDER BATEAU NECK TEE" in a color listed as red.   

These two skirts are the best fitting and most stylish, from a casual perspective, of almost any other skirt in my closet. There are so many tops I can style these with.  Off-the-shoulder Lilly works and i have a perfect denim jacket that work with a white top, as shown above.    

Both are the perfect length for me and the elastic waist fits wonderfully; very forgiving.  The gathered waist is perfect with a blouse style top or it works very well with a belt.   

I appreciate all of your comments so much and please share whenever you see something (news/fashion) or just want to vent. We are family. The only comments I do not post are the ones with embedded advertising. 


  1. I love the shoes you chose to pair with today's outfits. They are so cute. Luv, Randi

    1. Thanks Randi - Vintage Coach and i have the purse to match. At least 15 years old.