Friday, March 24, 2017

Friend's Friday - Musical Memories

Rhonda and David Crohan
One of the catalysts for me finally getting out locally was becoming a member of the Palm Beach Piano Guild. It was also known as the International Society, because our artist came for all over the world.  I have written about the group before. Be sure to read my “You are pretty” story to get more insight and a good laugh. These were wonderful days, filled with incredible music, lifelong friends, and very satisfying escapes. 

A few evenings ago I attend a reception and a piano concert  to support the local “Lighthouse for The Blind”. The artist, local celebrity and my friend David Crohan. David's talent and unique piano style is still very much present. The evening's program describes him this way.

Without sight from infancy, David Crohan became a wizard at the piano. His uncanny talent, wit and versatility make him the consummate entertainer. As one of the most versatile pianists performing today, David crosses the traditional boundaries between classical and jazz music with ease and sophistication.

David still play every evening at the elegant Palm Beach restaurant, 
Cafe L'Europe

David was a regular artist at many of our Piano Guild Concerts.  Our concerts always started with a visiting artist playing classical music; Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin.... Our second part was usually contemporary and jazz. All of our artist enjoyed playing on our concert grand piano.

One of the best parts of my latest evening concert, was seeing old friends from The Piano Guild days. Many have passed, but this evening there were still many to hug; Carolyn, Irma, Claudette and of course David.  We reminisced about all the fun we had.  

My challenge to you - Get out today and live your life. Make memories that will become part of your being. A smile always comes to my face when I think back on those wonderful concert evenings at this elegant downtown theater.

That is what life is all about - Memories! Make some today – ESCAPE.  

2004 - John Bryan Guild Director, Claudette and David Crohan
photo by Rhonda 

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