Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunday's Art Show

Beatles Pillow Fight - Paris 1964
Sunday was a fun escape. South Florida is a mecca for winter art shows. Palm Beach has a new beautiful convention center and it has many fine art, jewelry, and antique shows during season. These are always fun and not the typical junk. Many vendors display their art in beautiful booths with museum quality surroundings and lighting. As the downtown fine art season concludes, the shows expand to other nearby locations and that was my Sunday excursion. 

Boca Raton is about 30 minutes to the south and had its version of a Fine Art Show this past sunday.  I am on a good mailing list and always receive free tickets so this seemed like a fun outing.  Wow - it was great. Many contemporary artist had booths and displayed their art in a beautiful sitting. There were many galleries with artist that were willing to describe their art and the the process.  

The photo above was take in a booth that represented the world famous photographer Harry Benson. He is a local to the Palm Beachs and I have attended several of his lectures in the past - Fascinating.  At the Art show, I enjoyed seeing many of his famous photographs, printed in a large format that showcased his work beautifully. 

Mr.  Benson's famous "Pillow Fight” picture of the Beatles was captured in Paris in 1964. It is described as the most intimate photos ever taken of the band. A piece of history. Mr. Benson's comment:

I knew at that moment that these images would become iconic. At the suggestion of a pillow fight John Lennon said, ‘No, we’ll all look childish and silly.’ They all turned and said, ‘Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, yeah…’

'Paul’s sitting there, drinking a brandy. I stretch out on the settee. John slips away and comes up behind him and hits Paul with a pillow and that was it. (it) Went on for about half an hour.”

I also took some additional photo of at the show and all total, spent about a hour and half wondering among the art and crowd. I love art and escapes.  

Art Boca Raton - March 2017

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