Friday, March 31, 2017

My Gallery Opening

I have a fun event coming up in Virginia next week.  I have been avid photographer going back many years. My mother kept a cherished family album with her photography and I have always been interested in photography. A high end Polaroid camera was my first camera (not my best choice). In 1970 a Minolta SRT101 35mm film camera was my next before switching over to digital not long after it became widely available about 2000. Today I have a professional digital Nikon body and useful collection of Nikon lenses.

I have done some professional work and my works has graced both gallerias and magazines. Ten years ago, I had a gallery show in my childhood Virginia hometown. It was at a regional fine arts museum and was successful. I brought in about 15 mounted large prints for display and sale. Opening night I had a great turnout and many photos sold in spite a rainy nigh. 

This past fall when I was back in Virginia for my class reunion I asked if the museum would like to have another show. We scheduled one for the spring.  

Museum Installation 2007 

So on April 5, I will be returning. We have planned of that evening an opening night reception with invited guest. For the upcoming show I have been working to have a good representation of my new work and some old. The old is photos taken while living there and visiting back over the years. I already have about 25 photographs matted, mounted and cataloged. I am ready to go. 

What is different now? This time it is Rhonda's show. I have already alerted classmates and friends so let's see how the response is this time. My classmates were overwhelmingly supportive for the reunion so I am hoping for a nice turnout and fun evening. I have never been more proud to be associate with the group. The above fashion layout is my planned outfit. If you are going to be bold, wear red. 

After the evening opening I have a dinner planned at a local restaurant for invited guest. The next day I will lead a discussion at the museum on travel / digital photography. This is a small and conservative community, so I am really pushing the envelope. 
Many, especially including older family friends, likely have never known a transgender person. At least now they have a face and person to put with the concept. 

 A marvelous escape.  I promise to l keep you posted..   


One of the photograph that will be the show

If anyone is interested, I can send (e-mail) the complete catalog for the exhibition in PDF format.  None of the photographs are priced more than $100.00.  All prints will be signed and numbered suitable for framing.  A Rhonda original.