Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Saturday's Liszt Concert

This past Saturday I attend Asiya Korepanova‘s beautiful concert at one of my favorite intimate venue, The Steinway Gallery, Boca Raton. The pianist was electrifying. Played was a set of Liszt's etudes, both dazzling and incredibly glorious. The all LISZT PROGRAM included Waldesrauchen, Gnomenreigen, Concert Etudes, Ab Irato and the 6 Paganini Etudes. The Liszt Grandes Etudes De Paganini, S.141, No.3 is one of my favorite pieces. You would recognize it. 

“Each piece of music – with its beginning, development, and end–is an independent form of life that should be studied and shared by performers.” - Asiya Korepanova 

This is the outfit worn and it is still winter enough in South Florida to wear a leather skirt and light sweater.  The pink sweater or better described as, dusty rose, worked with the browns of the skirt and accessories. A great color combination. Silver jewelry always looks good with my hair.  

I have been attending the Steinway concerts for well over ten years and it is always a luxurious treat. Listening and relaxing in the small concert room that the gallery provides is magnificent. To hear such a wonderful instrument played by such an accomplished artist is simply amazing.  I had dinner out after the concert at a nearby Italian restaurant. A beautiful Saturday evening escape. 

 Asiya Korepanova plays Liszt

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