Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Look '17- Off The Shoulder

This blast from the (more recent) past, last summer's rage is a little more feminine and the perfect accompaniment to spring denim. - shorts or pants. Here’s how to wear off-the-shoulder tops from beginner to advanced—all spring and summer long.  

For us the big question is, should we?  As in, many of us have larger than typical female shoulder described as the inverted "V" figure. However in fact women with broad shoulders look nice, elegant and attractive in the right choice of clothing. Because the clothes hang on to the body beautifully. Actually broad shoulders, women appear to have a classic body style.  Also anything that is full hides a less than perfect middle when draped and falls below the waist line.

First things first - Stylist Tip: invest in a good quality comfortable strapless or convertible bra if you’re going to go one-shoulder for spring. One that will stay up.  Nothing look more tacky that wearing a conventional bra with strips showing with a top that is off the shoulder.  Mutually exclusive.

Here are other suggestions to make this look work for you:

Knockout in a Necklace

Adding the right necklace will break up space across the shoulders and chest, cancelling the potentially widening effect of an off-the-shoulder neckline. Broad shoulders will benefit most from a long chunky necklace, or multiple long necklaces. A thin necklace will not break up the width along the shoulders, and a short one will keep the focus on that width, rather than drawing the eye downward for a lengthy look.

Color Code

Wearing the right hue can help to soften your shoulders. Shades that are too dark, bright or otherwise harsh, play up the wide lines of your shoulders. Choose soft hues rather than harsh shades; gray is more softening than black, while a muted rosy pink is a better choice than magenta.  Pair a pink top with white pants.  Pair a light blue, like above, with dark denim, wide leg jeans.  

Never Slouch

This only make you look out of place. Slouch in your posture is bad for the shoulders.  Be proud.  It's also wise to choose volume below the waist; this will de-emphasize the top half's width,  Go for the total look rather than drawing attention to one place.  Look put together.  Wide pants, A-line skirt all work with this summer casual look.  Also a monochrome look - all one color.

How to keep the off shoulder in place - see my suggestion here.

Enjoy this super feminine look for spring.  

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