Monday, March 20, 2017

Leather's Sexy History

My Leather Collection 

Other than my transgender nature, I am rather conventional; as many would say vanilla. One of my favorite cookies, vanilla wafer and my ice cream of choice is vanilla (with chocolate sauce). But I digress and this is not about food. This is about the sensual material, leather which I adore. Not in a kinky way. It is not a fabric that is a turn-on or raises my Sexual Imagination Quotient. I honestly do not see it as something erotic but do enjoy how it's feels, the way it clings to my body and moves. I love wearing leather skirts during my South Florida cool season.

Here is what one web site say about the kinky nature of leather:
Leather has a pretty broad appeal, and has long been seen as sensual, fashionable, even dangerous. It isn't hard to make the leap to seeing it as a sex object.  

My leather items are confined to skirts and quality shoes.  Leather shoes are a matter of practicality. They wear better, last longer and conform to the foot better than other materials. Leather skirts are a different matter. Style and wearability can be achieved just as well with quality, wool blends, cottons, and silks.  So why do I like leather skirts? 

Maybe it is because they convey just a little bad girl suggestion.  Maybe it is a carry back to when our only material was the skin of the beast we had just hunted and had for dinner. The decisive victor. Enough Dr. Frued and Mr Lecter-  I just find the style and sensual nature fun.  

Enjoy my leather fashion layouts.  And yes, I do have more than one black leather skirt - Why I am not sure.  In the next few weeks I will start moving my leather skirts to the side of my closet and wait for fall.  Oh well, season change and return. Leather, is always in style. 

Also enjoy these leather pencil skirt on Pinterest.

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  1. I am very partial to the black pump in leather but try to keep the heel thick enough for prolonged wear...