Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beauty Contest

Beauty  Contest Poster - 1968

College 1968 - I thought this photo was lost forever.  I was cleaning out a box of old photos for my upcoming gallery event and found this. More tomorrow on that. Oh, what a find and great memory. I am the one standing, top left.  Here is a little of the history.  

My sophomore class decided to have dance/fundraiser and during one of the band's break, a male beauty contest. What a novel idea! We needed a promotional photo for the poster that was to be placed around campus and in dorms.  Being on the organization committee, actually the chairman, it fell to me to talk some of my dorm mates into posing. Thus the photo above. If I remember correctly, for this photo we had help from the girl's dorm across the street. 
Of course, I was in the contest but sorry there are not any photos of the event itself. My makeup was done by my girlfriend at the time and I wore her full length, pink, prom dress. I loved every minute. Thinking back, I remember the evening being a blur of excitement, nervousness, and fun. I was not the winner - I did not care. Many years passed before I got to get dressed again. 


  1. it never would have occurred to me to even attempt such a thing in public back then. I would have been mortified to have anyone think I would like to do it. Good on you for the courage to do so..

  2. 1968. Perhaps the most culturally influential year of the past century, if not more. A wonderful time to be alive and involved.
    Relative to the wonderful photo one of the changes underway at that time was the phasing out of hats for women. It would have been a bad time to invest in the hat industry. Perhaps one should have considered "Plastics".

  3. That was good advice for the "Graduate".