Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Are You Still Wearing White?

It’s [way] after Labor Day…and I do hope you haven’t put away your whites

During my travels I was amazed at the regional differences in fashion. The Pacific North-West was not colorful; described as eco-conscious fashion. And, New England seems to adhere to the old fashion rules of the past. South Florida is the literal opposite of both of these regions with its Lilly splashes of vivid colors and white sun dresses, year round.

So what is up with the "No white after Labor Day" rule? According to the blog  Dressed To A T:   
One of my favorite
"Winter White" looks

Originally, it seemed to start in the late 1800′s when the snobby upper crust needed another way to set themselves apart from the normal hardworking lower and middle classes.  The women who were currently the popular crowd made up a bunch of fashion rules that anyone who was anyone needed to follow. 

Of course there are some that buck the system.  Most famously was Coco Chanel who insisted on wearing white year round!  Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand.  She is credited with liberating women from the corset and popularizing sporty chic clothing after World War I. And she particularly disliked this no white after Labor Day “rule”.

The blog goes on to illustrate  some of my favorite looks for breaking the old rules!

Enjoy and find you favorite winter white "Escape" look. 


  1. Love the white leggings with the animal print booties! Lauren

    1. I wore white leggings just like the ones shown to work today. Looked great and felt great.