Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Feminine Differential - Elegant Sneakers


KEDS Women's Triple Up Canvas
Platform Casual Sneakers from Finish Line

Kind of seems like an oxymoron but with the right jeans or skirt the outfit works. 

My family has been involved  in kindergarten and elementary education for many years. I have always called KEDS the official shoes of female kindergarten teachers. There is no fashion disrespect meant here and I know how hard these teachers work.  Comfortable and quick movement foot-wear, a must.

See also, "Can guys wear Keds?" on Quora. 

Working retail and on my feet for sometime for  four hour plus stretches, I too have come to appreciate comfortable footwear.

I got the above KEDS from Macys a few weeks back ($49 on sale) and get complements almost every day I wear them. The platform is just the right  "Feminine Differential". Below is a YouTube on making sneakers look elegant.

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