Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Feminine Differential - DRESSING FOR ANDROGYNY



My Note: Maybe I should have known these all along but today I learned two new acronyms: AMAB and AFAB:

Assigned female at birth/Assigned male at birth (noun) – Refers to the sex that is assigned to an infant, most often based on the infant's anatomical and other biological characteristics. Commonly abbreviated as AFAB (assigned female at birth) or AMAB (assigned male at birth).

Pinterest has so many suggestions on  how you make androgyny work and how I found this article. Keep in mind that dressing androgynous is an easy way to transition to an all feminine look.  

This post from the "Live Love LGBTQ+" blog deals with how we can dress androgynous and still reflect a feminine differential.

See also my post on "How to Wear the Androgynous Look in a Feminine Way".


The Skirt

Hey guys, gals and non binary pals and welcome to another blog post. Today we’re going to be talking about androgyny.

The Merriam – Webster dictionary defines androgyny as the quality or state of being neither specifically feminine or masculine, the combination of feminine and masculine characteristics, the quality or state of being androgynous

This basically means dressing in a way that doesn’t fit either gender role.

Typically, androgyny is associated with AFAB non-binary people and butch lesbians. It’s very rarely associated with AMAB people or with masculine identifying people. But androgyny is something that’s open to literally anyone. Even cishets.

Androgyny is just a way of expressing yourself and your gender. You get to define what is masculine and what’s feminine, so androgyny has no real definition of the right way of doing it. However, today I’m going to give you a rundown of how to dress androgynous based on typical gender stereotypes, as far as clothes come in.

In order to avoid confusion, I’m going to split this post into AMAB and AFAB. If you are neither of those, just chose the one that more closely resembles your body shape.

The Dress

Today’s post will be the AMAB one and a post either next week or the week after will be the AFAB one.

So, for AMAB people, the most important thing is not to have too many sharp lines in your clothing. AFAB people generally have wider hips than AMAB people, so you want to hide the fact that you don’t.

Skirts are always a good way to do this, especially loose ones that flow a bit at the bottom. They can create lines that aren’t there, creating a shape that’s more androgynous

The post continues with a discussion on DRESSES, JEWELRY, and MAKEUP.

The whole point of androgyny is freedom and expressing yourself so that you feel comfortable. If you don’t want to do any of the things on this list because they don’t make you comfortable, then don’t. You get to decide how you express yourself and what androgyny means to you.

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