Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Never Regret


These days I am somewhat older than I once was. With age comes the awareness about things in my past that I regret and things that I don’t. If I have to label the bucket that holds nearly all my regrets, the label will say: “Opportunities Not Taken”.

Here at Pink Femme, we talk about getting to know the whole of who you are as a person, including the femme part of you, rather than suppressing a part of your personality. That is an opportunity to become a more whole person.

Never will I ever regret the times in my life when I took the opportunity to learn more about my inner self and become a more whole person. Hugs

This post was created by the talented Candie Hart and originally appeared on her Tumblr blog. It is reproduced here with her kind permission. Be sure to check out more about Candie at the end of the post and give her some Pink Femme love.

Can a person regret being intimately involved with their whole being?  Absolutely not!  And neither shall I or any girly boy, for that matter, ever regret being feminine.  Is it challenging?  Yes.  Is it abnormal?  According to society, it is.  Is it perverted?  Depends on who you talk to.  Is it regrettable?  The answer is definitely, “NO!”

To be rather candid about it, I find it incredibly ludicrous that anyone would think that a boy would ever regret acting like, talking like, dressing like, and being like a girl.  It’s not unnatural and it’s not immoral. It might go against a norm set by a standard of gender bias within our culture, but it’s certainly not a lifestyle worthy of anything less than honor.

It’s good to be girly and it’s great to remain girly!

No regrets!

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