Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Florida bill banning Pride flag...

Would make showing support for LGBTQ people a 'political viewpoint'

My Note:  Freedoms are being eroded  in "The Free State of Florida, as  Ron DeSantis (Governor of Florida) like to describes  his home state.  Keep in mind, DeSantis' 2024 pitch is "Make America Florida".  Here is another example of what a DeSantis presidential reign would look like.   


A Florida Republican lawmaker’s bill declares showing support for LGBTQ people is a “political viewpoint,” despite the existence of LGBTQ Democrats, Republicans, independents, and entirely unaffiliated and non-political LGBTQ people.

The goal of GOP State Rep. David Borrero’s legislation is to ban all versions of the LGBTQ pride flag from any and all local government buildings, including schools and universities.

“A governmental entity may not erect or display a flag that represent [sic] a political viewpoint, including, but not limited to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology viewpoint. The governmental entity must remain neutral when representing political viewpoints in displaying or erecting a flag,” HB 901 reads.

The bill makes no mention of religious flags.

This is the second time Rep. Borrero has tried to get LGBTQ pride flags banned from government buildings.

“Borrero’s bill is similar to legislation he and Tampa Republican Sen. Jay Collins filed in February (SB 668),” Florida Politics reports. “Collins later filed an amendment with a list of allowable flags, including the Confederate flag, but quickly withdrew it and his original bill from consideration.”

It is possible this legislation could gain more traction now.

Equality Florida, the state’s largest LGBTQ nonprofit advocacy organization, responded by warning:

If conservative lawmakers won’t stop trying to erase us, we won’t stop showing up to oppose them.”


  1. The Florida state flag represents a "political viewpoint" these days.


  2. sorry-a bill (1 of a thousand I imagine) by a bigot does not translate to how a DeSantis rule would shake out. this bill will go nowhere

    1. The Florida legislature is in lock step with DeSantis. They do nothing without his blessing and vice versa. If DeSantis wants the pride flag banned, it will happen.

      Florida has massive problems (insurance, clean water, home affordability...) but what has the legislature and DeSantis focused on, "WOKE". Given the opportunity DeSantis' would take his mean spirit nation-wide. His promise ""Make America Florida".