Friday, December 29, 2023

I Love A Success Story - Nu’est’s Ren

How Nu’est’s Ren is challenging K-pop gender norms: androgynous looks, Lady Gaga covers and playing a wannabe drag queen in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Alecsandra Tubiera 
Published: 12:53pm, 3 Nov, 2020

K-pop star Ren from Nu’est

Through his actions and words alike, K-pop idol Ren has long since been a celebrity known for championing self-love and open-mindedness, and challenging South Korea’s gender norms. Nu’est’s unafraid maknae, or youngest member, born Choi Min-ki, rarely shies away from expressing himself and his thoughts, which only makes him more admirable to fans – and offers an inspiration to the general public in an often-conservative society.

His legendary Boy’s Day performance

Ren once performed as part of a one-off supergroup riffing on the all-female Girl’s Day band – cheekily dubbed Boy’s Day – along with BTOB’s Minhyuk, VIXX’s Hongbin and A-JAX’s Seungjin, for the special 400th episode of Show! Music Core in 2014. To make his transformation complete, Ren wore a long black dress with a wig and glamorous make-up, and was complimented for his commitment to the role.

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