Thursday, December 21, 2023

Happy First Day of Winter '23


Winter Solstice: Thu, Dec 21, 2023, 10:27 PM

This fashion layout goes back to last January, "Shopping Your Closet for A Cool Evening Escape". Keep in mind that there are so many winter fashion choices that look so chic.  Winter cover-ups are so exciting and hide a world of body imperfections.   

At Work 

Happy first-day-of-winter and take advantage of the  hustle and busel of holiday shoppers to "Escape".  Everyone is so busy with their mission shopping. it is easy to blend.  

My Lingerie retail store has been busy this season and I love seeing men in "Shopping for their wives/girlfriends; "Tis The Season..."

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  1. Happy winter solsticešŸ¤

    I've done more than my fair share of "shopping for my girlfriend/wife" haha. Even though online shopping has eliminated the need for such subterfuge, I've decided I'm still going to buy my hosiery from a real live store and not hide the fact that they're for me. It's my one small way of being "out" in public.