Monday, December 11, 2023

Place Appropriate - Feminine Differential

There are so many, ever-so-slight, details that can make an outfit "Feminine".  

Many of us enjoy being out and please take note that every event / escape does not require a cocktail dress or complete overt femininity.  I am always looking for an outfit that I can wear to the market, grab coffee at Starbucks or just stroll the mall.  "Who am I going to please; myself".  

If you noticed on the above sweater there is a boat-neck design with buttons that can be opened up to give an asymmetric feminine, off-the-shoulder look. I also like the length that will work with tight jeans or yoga pants and provide frontal modesty; a must.  The jeans have a lace up ankle that provides a functional detail  

Feminine details can be found in many items of clothing, without causing a "head-turn" look at me response. Again. dressing age appropriate and place appropriate are critical to being assimilated into a feminine space.


The SweaterLASCANA Button Detail Sweater in black ($69.00). I had this sweater in grey and ordered it to big. It need to be somewhat fitted to look it's best. It runs large. 

The Pants -  LASCANA Lace Up Jeggings in white ($69.00) Eyelet with lacing on the side of each leg hem.  The pants are a light weight for jeans and are more of a legging than jean. There is a distressed look with the frayed hem. it fits tight to the leg.  

The Boots - Amazon Soda Malia Round Toe Stacked Lug Heel Lace Up Ankle Booties ($22.81).  There is 3.5" heel, a .5" inch platform, and a 5" shaft.  Although in the photo the boots appear to have two zippers only one is functional.  True to size and not to narrow.  .  



  1. I am not comfortable intentionally mingling with other humans, so my solitude follows me outside the four walls of my home. I got for drives which turn into evening strolls in a safe residential neighborhood with a shopping district of several blocks. I cannot wrap my head around wearing women's clothing that has been co-opted from the men's side of a clothing store. It's dresses, hosiery and heels for me. In order to not stand out among other women who seem to have shied away from dresses I use a ruse. The area has two 24 hour grocery stores among the shops and restaurants. I carry a tote with the name and logo of one of the stores. Given the time I choose to stroll, I appear as a woman who has just gotten off the bus, coming home from the office and doing a little shopping for dinner.

    1. The holiday season is especially good to "escape" just as you describe. In the malls and department store are scores or well dressed women "coming from work" and completing their holiday shopping.