Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day - 2016

Christmas Day at the Beach 

The photos above are for my friends to the far north. I am sharing the above photos of a South Florida Christmas day visiting the beach.  Temperature 82 degrees.

I hope that everyone had a beautiful holiday and Santa delivered beautiful items for you to wear on upcoming "Escapes". Just to make sure, Rhonda took care and Amazon Santa delivered some very nice items. Like her wardrobe is lacking? I will put-up some new fashion layouts soon. I hope you did as well. Just in case, there is always the "day after" sales.   

Yesterday after some quality time with family, I put the top down an drove over the to beach. The beach is just a few miles away and I go often to just sit and enjoy. Yesterday the beach was full of people; swimming, sunning, and kite surfing. I love the effort a family likely put into the beach snow man. It was located to the right at the end of the beach walkway; photo upper left.

The photos are not exactly Rhonda's Travels but the day and beach was so beautiful, I had to share.  Happy Boxing Day.

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