Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Serious Winter Shopping

I was totally unprepared of my last trip in the cold.  And it was only fall - The real cold had not started.  So on this the winter solstice, I do feel prepared. I am being threatened in the next few months with business trips to Montreal, Chicago and Minneapolis. What did I do wrong? So a girl must be prepared or is that a Boy Scout?  I forget. 

A unlined jeans jacket is fine for Florida cool, however for "real" cold - not. Must go shopping! South Florida department stores do carry winter coats but a very limited offering. The small selection is there of the poor souls like myself that must travel. With all caution and good sense thrown out, I went and tried coats. With no makeup and basically in boy mode, I tried on coats for a good 15 minutes. Surprise one - No one noticed, no one cared. Surprise two - the selection was boring. But I now had a general feeling on size and could shop on-line where the styles are better.

I had seen a woman wearing a really cute flair "A-Line" coat in Vancouver and hoped it was still in style. I found the red one, top right, at Macy's on-line and it is cute.  It is just the right mix of warm and fashion to be work for dinner, the theater or a concert. It has a definite feminine cut.   It is available here from Amazon.

Now for the serious cold I purchased the down 3/4 windbreaker, upper left. I purchased my coat from Lord & Taylor, on-line, and got another discount during Cyber Monday. The White is sold out at Lord & Taylor but Amazon still has it here . It is warm and lightweight and the faux fur hood is really cute. The collar/hood frames the face.  

I have been watching the Pikolinos, W3E-8710 boots since I first saw them early in the fall.  Love the heel (8cm 3.2") and I seem to be able to walk with no difficulty in a heel that high.  The have the LL Beam duck boot, toe look going on.  The new boots are the same height as my last season Pilolonos, booties that I treaked all over Toronto last month, so I know that height and heel shape will work all day.  Here is the Pikolinos site to get a better view.  I found them at Amazon, 1/2 off.   

Overall I have found that Pikolinos shoes are of very good quality, have great style, and are reasonably priced.  This is my third pair.  I know they will work great with jeans, pants, and may give the new pair a try with a long skirt. Stay tuned. 

I have been in South Florida to long to say I am really ready to face the frigid weather, I may be visiting. Yes, spoiled.  However I will at least, be dress appropriately. 

OK - How do you girls handle the winter cold - advice? 


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