Friday, December 16, 2016

Friend's Friday - Holiday Dinner

Dinner out - Caitlin and Rhonda December 2016

Caitlin and I started out evening at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach - Cocktails at 6:00. We have fallen into a very nice group of regular attendees for the Thursday event and always see friends there.  What a nice way to start an evening.  The photos around the X'mas tree are from their lobby as we were leaving to go to dinner.  Our next stop was Renato's Restaurant, a few block away on the famous Worth Avenue.  As the two beautiful ladies that we were, we were escorted to a courtyard table and had no less than 6 servers working our table - Matier d, wine, water, bread, main waiter, and desert.  Even the manager dropped by to say hello.  

Taken at our table
during dinner.
I hope you can see from the center photo just how elegant a restaurant Renato's is.  Where else but South Florida could you dine in an outside courtyard in December.  Coats not required as we looked up at a star filled sky a block from the Atlantic Ocean beach. 

As we were having dinner at one of Palm Beach most elegant dinner establishments we both thought back to times when an evening out entailed hours of getting dressed, a mad dash to our car, a terrifying ride around the block near our home or hotel and then another mad dash back in. All hoping that no one would see us.  We have come a long way and realize now that our fears were so unfounded. 

What are you going to do to escape this weekend?  

Caitlin thank you for such a beautiful, fun evening. 


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  1. Sounds like a great night. You both look great and I like the outfits. I think I have a pair of animal print shoes with the black heel, just like yours.