Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wish Book Shopping

The pre-holiday season always bought a wonderful treat to my country home. Early fall the "Sears Wish Book" (1933-2005) would arrive.  This was a special edition for gift giving and toys. 

In the days before Toys "R" Us and Walmart superstores, these catalogs represented the largest array of toys most children could ever hope to see in one place. So this was the section where I started. Toys were the first priority (my wish list for Christmas). My next favorite sections was the women's/Junior's section with special interest given to the lingerie and sleep wear.  What I really wished Santa could bring.  

Today we have do is click and the item is delivered the next day. It seems so long ago that the Wish Book Catalog could carry such importance. However it did. I have written about this long ago treasure before and hope for you it also brings back special holiday memories.

What is your wish? Happy holiday shopping.       

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  1. Rhonda, it is so funny, when those catalogs would come in in the 1980s I of course would look at the toys.....But then flip through the ladies section to look at all of the wonderful ladies skirt suits and fancy blouses. I was transfixed. I knew there was something different about me.

    - Christina Cross