Friday, December 2, 2016

Friends Friday - Dina D Paige

Dina D Paige and Rhonda
Toronto 2016

My last trip to Toronto yielded a treasure of new friends.  Dina D Paige was one super fun evening. We first met at SCC about a month back and while I was in Toronto we had a dinner at her favorite Italian restaurant.  A wonderful evening of conversation.

Paige seemed to be quite the deal in the Toronto transgender community and actually is a transgender life coach.  There have been few conversation recently that have been so revealing and encouraging.  Page is an asset to our community. Here is how Paige's WEB site describes her being a Transgender Life Coach:

Whether you refer to yourself as transgender, cross dresser, transsexual, T-Gurl, or LadyBoy, Dina D Paige is available to consult individuals, couples and/or significant others on a variety of issues.  From female behavioral skills, handling relationships to types of surgeries available.

Dina D Paige is well qualified as a Transgender Life Coach to counsel you on many issues having faced many of these challenges herself.  She is not afraid to address the difficult things.Together, you and Dina D Paige can explore your comfort zones and needs and formulate a plan to achieve your goals and well being.  If Dina D Paige and/or her team/network of associates cannot help you, she will work with you to find the best person to help you with your special requirements. She will make herself available to meet with you in her studio or another locale of your preference be it your home, a club, a dinner at a restaurant or on-line, she will make it convenient for you.

Dina D Paige has a Specialized Psychology degree; 1979, York University, Toronto, Canada. She is also an Associate Member of WPATH (World Processional Association for Transgendered Health)

Paige could be a great resource for anyone in the Toronto area for many services from makeup, to transformation, to just girls get-together. Thank you Paige for a fun evening out in Toronto.  


  1. She looks like a valuable resource, I have saved her website. Thank you.

  2. Hi, this is Dina D Paige herself. Thank you Rhonda for all of your accolades, I believe strongly in the work I do and feel that it resonates with how you live your life as well.

    What I'd like to talk about is one of my most important core themes, which is to learn acceptance of who are right now and to embrace both your maleness and your femaleness. Accepting who are right now, at the point in the journey you are on, is pivotal to your balance, happiness and success in life.

    The journey to acceptance can seem daunting but you don't have to do it alone. Embrace a few important people in your life who can be your cheerleaders and shoulders to cry on. People who want to help you down your path. I can be one of those support people. It's ok to not have all the answers. It's ok to change your mind or how you feel as you go along. You don't have to do it alone, I'd love the chance to help you create your most authentic self.