Thursday, December 22, 2016

Loop Earrings

Sexy Loops
I love the look of loop earrings.  They seem to be quite the in look and do go with everything.  The ones above are from Boston Proper - "Sexy Loops".

I do not have pierced ears.  And there is not a good reason for me having never done it. I know that a world of better and more stylish earrings would open up.  I even own a kit that includes the single use spring loaded gold ball and post that self pierces - Someday.

Until then I have a trick that I do that works for loop earrings.  Likely you already know this but I will just relate it quickly here:  I cut off the post that goes through the ear with a Dremel, grind/file the edge smooth and then push the opening in, so the back fold will hold the earring to the ear. Some adjustments are required for comfort and position, but typically I can wear these all day comfortably. 

The only loops you can do this with are the ones that have the spring closure shown above. The post that hinges and locks will not work.  I have gotten this to work in various size loops but personally tend to stay away from the oversize loops. Simply because my style sense says the large loops are reserved for the younger generation.  See what works for you, your hair, and you sense of adventure. 

Do you have your ears pierced?  Anyone notice? Anyone care? 


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  1. Rhonda, I'm a big fan of loop earrings too, but only in silver and only like the style shown in your post.

    I got my ears pierced so I could wear earrings just like those and didn't care what people said or thought as the benefits of having them pierced outweighed all that.

    You should bite the bullet and get them pierced, you'll not regret it. You don't have to wear earrings daily, just pop some in for a few hours once a week so that the holes don't close over.