Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Humble Pie

Stana’s wonderful post on “Men” reminded me of a New York City encounter I had. Sometimes an occurrence is so far over the top you have to laugh.  That is just what I did.
I have been going out and interacting for over 30 years.  I have found that a smile disarms and can overcome most any situation.  In addition, after many positive interactions I will never let one negative event, turn my day.  

So here is what happened: This was during the time I was working as Rhonda and was in NY City to attend a business related seminar/company retreat. The hotel reservation was in Rhonda’s name so my only option was arrive, and check in as Rhonda.  I had visited friends in up-state NY for the weekend and had taken the train into Manhattan.  By lunchtime I was all checked in. My hotel was about a half block from Times Square, so I put on my girl’s London Fog coat and headed out for a walk.  I was wearing, jeans, low heel boots, a sweater and minimal daytime makeup. 

It was mid-day Sunday and Times Square was busy. I had gotten over "crowd fear" many years ago so just walked, taking in the late fall crisp air and noise of the city.  As I am walking I crossed paths with an obvious very disheveled homeless man. He looked me straight in the eyes and mumbled:

You are ugly.  You are a man. You must be an undercover cop. So take you pension and go home to Jersey.

To myself I said “Welcome to New York City, Rhonda". 

What was there to do but laugh?  I could have retreated to my hotel and cried, purged all of Rhonda’s clothes and swore to never go in public again – BUT NO. You take life as it comes. Fashion critics come in all formsI laughed at myself and I am still laughing.  

Later that afternoon I did go back to my hotel and got better dressed. After I walked the short distance to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on 45th Street and saw the Sunday Matinee of Kinky Boots. It was in preview at the time. The play was wonderful! Later that evening an elegant business dinner with others in town for the meetings.    

Humble pie is best served with a good sense of humor.  

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