Monday, December 19, 2016

Feminine Differential - The Smile

Rhonda '88 - Smiling 
What is the single most important feminine item to wear.  Skirt vs Pants – NO. Heels vs Flats - NO. These two items can be gender neutral and depending on culture/historical time, either masculine or feminine. The one item that women wear consistently more than men – a smile.   According to Dr. Oz’s Blog, The average woman smiles 62 times a day and the average man only 8.  

On the web site oneHowTO under the heading “How to be a Feminine Woman”, Mary Smith states:

A feminine woman always smiles. Femininity is closely related to self-love and acceptance of ourselves. When you are happy with who you are and accept your body and your personality, you will feel so complete that it is impossible not to meet everyone with a smile. Wherever you arrive, show your best smile and contagious joy.

Dr. Lillian Glass in her Body Language Blog analyzed Caitlyn Jenner style this way: "Besides her masculine voice, walk, gesturing, and poor posture which do not reflect her femininity, I am very worried about her. As you can see in candid photo of her, she never smiles when captured in public. She does not look happy. She may not have been happy as Bruce, but she is clearly not showing happiness and joy as Caitlyn.

When I am out as Rhonda I am happy and want that to be reflected in my face.  How about you?  If someone is watching me and may detect that something in not 100%, then I will give then the biggest smile I can find. Why? Because I am comfortable being who/what I am.  Criticize my fashion choice if you must; i.e. skirt too short for my age, heels too high for comfort. However, I want people to know I am a happy person.  A smile is contagious and it something I can share. Try it!

Appear more Feminine - Smile! 


  1. smiling at someone is an easy way to break the ice, and it feelsa good when another woman smiles back!

  2. Smile...it increase your face value.
    Always let a smile be the key to success. If you frown, you frown alone...if you smile the whole world smiles with you.