Wednesday, July 25, 2018

7 Escapes for this Summer…

1  Go to a movie

Tickets can be purchased at a kiosk, or online and typically all you have to do is show your ticket and walk in. The theater is low light and then dark.  Be the last to exit and as you leave take a deep breath and let the accomplishment wash over you.  

2  Visit a museum

Again, tickets can be purchased online and interactions are up to you. Find a place to sit and look at a painting or exhibits as long as you like. Move about at your pace and soak up the culture. 

3  A wine tasting

There are restaurants that specialize in wine tastings.  Sit at a bar and taste until you find one you like. Have a full glass and buy a bottle to take home. A great way to expand your wine knowledge. Next dinner out with your friends, impress them with your new found wine expertise. 

 Attend small venue events (book signings, piano/chamber music/tribute band concerts)

Check online for events in your town that are going on this weekend. These take place in old theaters, churches, or outdoors. A bookstore may have a lecture by a notable author followed by a book signing. Fun and interact as you feel comfortable. 

5  Wander around at an outdoor art/craft/music/food festival

Dress in your best bohemianism, hippy long skirt and sandals.  Wear a big floppy hat and big hoop earrings.  Pretend it is 1970 and dress the part.  See my "What To Wear To a Barbecue" for a cool summer outdoor look.  

6  Eat at a really nice restaurant (treat yourself)

There is nothing better than having a four or five-course dinner at an elegant restaurant. Start with wine and end with an after dinner drink or coffee. Why rush. It is the experience, not the food. Put the cell phone in your purse and enjoy the moment. Do not allow yourself to be placed in a far-away table or booth by the kitchen. Just ask “May I have this table instead”.  

7  Get out of town for a weekend  

Choose a place that is a couple of hours drive. Leave home in your best casual travel feminine outfit and give yourself an indulgent “woman's escape weekend”. No one knows you there and no one cares.  Have beach/pool time or explore natural areas.  Be a tourist.

Yes, all dressed up and someplace to go - Escape!


  1. I went wine tasting & out to dinner in Napa on Monday. I was was with 2 Transwomen friends.
    I always feel that I will be clocked as they pass. Things were great no one batted an Eye ! Get to be addressed as a Woman!

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