Thursday, July 12, 2018

High Heel Hacks

You Have Been Wearing Your Heels Wrong Your Entire Life

From the Blog:

We all have to admit that we are obsessed with high heels, not because only do they look fashionable, but they give us that extra edge to our personality. Heels give us satisfaction and confidence while we wear them and they help us look more feminine and give our legs a perfect shape.

But sometimes wearing heels can be painful. But if you know the correct way to carry them, then it wouldn’t be painful anymore. So, let’s have a look at these life-saving hacks that are given below and that will double up your love for heels.

Know the correct size;

You need to find your correct shoe size if you want to get rid of the pain. If you wear heels that fit you perfectly, your pain will lessen drastically. But if you choose a size bigger than your foot size, you will feel uncomfortable all the time because it will get out of your legs continuously. But remember that on the other hand, if your shoes are too tight for your feet, then it will hurt them and leave ugly marks on them. So you need to choose the correct size so that you feel comfortable while walking.

Choose heels with thicker soles;

You should always choose heels with thicker souls because that will ensure that you have enough ground to land your feet on. The ground will give you ample space to your feet and you will feel comfortable walking in them. Your legs can be hurt by thin soles because they put more pressure on your feet and dirt and other external agents can get into the legs and make your feet dirty and cracked.

More coverage is better;

Shoes with a higher coverage are more comfortable and are always a better choice because more sole ensures that less pressure is put on your feet which makes the shoes more comfortable for you.

Go for shoe inserts;

Those small and soft rounded balls which can be inserted at the end of the shoes are called shoe inserts and they prevent sore in legs. If you have them in high heels they will make it smooth and comfortable for you to walk in them. If you haven’t used shoe inserts yet, give them a try! You will save yourself from the nerve-racking pain of wearing heels.

Choose heels which are thicker;

This may be difficult to believe in, but sometimes the problem is the thickness of your heels, because the thinner the heels are, the more horrible your experience will be. Thicker heels will give you more comfort than thinner heels. Thick heels will give you more space and comfort while walking and that makes them painful.

Taking breaks at regular intervals is mandatory;

You need to take regular intervals to save you from the pain of wearing heels, no matter how good the quality of your heels is. You need to bring out your legs from the heeled shoes once in a while. You can take regular breaks after every 30 minutes if you suffer from severe pain because the breaks will let your feet breathe and shoo away the pain.

Stretching your feet;

Make sure to stretch your feet when you take a break and open your shoes because it acts like a little exercise for your feet by giving them ample space to relax. In that way, your feet can breathe much better and the next time you put your heels and walk in them, you will feel very comfortable.

Know your type;

Heels can be in many shapes and sizes, and the material used for making them are different, so you have to be aware of what shoe type can you carry off easily. You should wear only the shoes that you are comfortable putting on and always go for comfort rather than the appearance of the shoe.

Show when the day ends;

Your feet get sore when you wear heels for the entire day, so you should switch to a comfortable pair of shoes because it will give you ample space and needed comfort after the heavy day.

Say yes to the tie-ups;

The tie-ups distribute the pain evenly and are less painful, and the benefit is that you can adjust the ties as per your preference – loose or tight.

Fix the bottoms;

If you want to get rid of the rough edge you can screw a part of the bottom of the shoe heels with scissors.

Check the heel placement;

When you buy shoes, make sure to check that the heels are placed right at the center of the shoes because that will ensure proper balance and less pain to your feet and it will prevent you from tripping.


  1. "Taking breaks at regular intervals is mandatory" Once, years ago, I attended a movie premier gala for the second "Sex in the City." Of course, high heels were required attire, and mine were very high! There were very few places to sit at the gala, and I must have stood in those heels for over two hours straight before going into the theater. The first order of business was to remove my shoes after finding my seat, and I spent the whole movie stretching my feet, as it says to do above. When the movie ended, I gathered my shoes from under my seat, feeling revived enough to make the two-block walk back to the car. But, hard as I tried, I could only get one of the shoes to go onto my swollen foot. Walking with one leg 5" longer than the other was not an option, so I made the trek barefooted. It was raining when I left the theater, and although I first met it with an "Oh, Sh*t," I quickly found that the puddles were welcomed finds along the way, as the cold water felt so good to my feet. ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing those.

    Have you tried the toe taping hack that's been doing the rounds?