Thursday, July 26, 2018

Business Meeting Planning

Last month I had an important business meeting/interview.  First I did all my homework on the company so that I knew their needs. That preparation involved Googling the company and the person with whom I would be meeting; background research. Next several e-mails to schedule and follow-up on my meeting request. Once confirmed I acknowledged the meeting date and time. The day before the meeting I confirmed again making sure to thank them for the opportunity. 

I had my hair done the day before so as to not have the "just out the salon look", that would communicate I was trying too hard. I knew I could get the hair back to a reasonable (messy) "bob" for the meeting.  I checked my nails for chips and touched up.  

I was attending a large business office, so wanted to look professional, but not over done. Florida is almost always business casual so I wanted to err on the side of a just a little over-dressed - under-dressed would put me in a bad light without saying a word.  I was correct.  The person I met with was professional with heels, dress white pants and silk top.  

Also I wanted to make sure that my accessories did not detract and were current. According to Interview Tips for Older Job Seekers, appearance is always an issue, especially for jobs where other candidates are often younger than you. In my case, I know all candidates are likely to be younger.  

My outfit is built around a Macy's recent purchase -  "Lauren Ralph Lauren Petite Flutter-Sleeve Dress". The hem falls just above the knee. Short but not too short - stylish and definitely not frumpy.  Accessories; Lauren leather tote bag for portfolio, with notebook and Coach shoes.    

I will keep you posted on my business meeting. Wish me luck.    

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