Friday, July 13, 2018

Friend's Friday - Connie

On one of my first Friend's Friday was a note from Connie. Here is a wonderful followup.

On July 17, 2016, she wrote:

I just discovered this blog site and love it ----I'm going to have my hair styled in a few months hoping to be able to go out without a wig also!!!! I will hope to perhaps post a picture or two and show the result---this salon visit has been WIFE APPROVED as well----she agreed that It's something I do have to experience while I'm able!!!

Here is Connie’s latest note with photos. 

On July 8, 2018, she wrote:

Since I've let my hair grow long I've become more confident in being out in public now. Very happy how the longer hair enhances and helps me present with a much more realistic feminine presentation. As my hair gets longer I get bolder going out and can more easily mix and blend in public.

Now that it is long--- and I have let my wife's hairdresser know of Connie-I'm now seeing her to get my hair done. A bit of a new experience having my hair done with my wife!! Such is the life we in the TG lead at times

Rhonda's Escape brought me to decide to let my grow as I have ---- Love her blog !!


Thank you Connie for the notes and for your support/comments. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. Please keep the comments coming and much success with your ESCAPES.


  1. A very inspirational story...I grew my hair out several years ago, and, yes, it feels better and is a real confidence booster!

  2. From one Connie to another, you look great......and I'm so jealous. Thanks to testosterone poisoning and bad genes, I lost most of my hair by the time I was 30-years-old. It seems that many trans women are happy to grow their hair out, but they don't necessarily find it necessary to visit a salon regularly. I can only dream of having the wonderful experience of having my hair styled regularly, and I would gladly exchange the money I spend on a new wig every six weeks or so for a good cut and style. Both you and Rhonda also have lovely shades of "grey" and don't have the need to color your hair....unless you want to, that is!;-)

    1. Hello Connie---I do wear a "piece" a bit of thinning on top---but the length is all me --it is annoying at times in male mode--but I absolutely love it for going out and feeling feminine!!