Friday, July 15, 2016

Friend's Friday - Connie

Connie is someone I met at First Event a few years back and I was happy to see that she is doing so well.  Here is a photo and a short BIO.  My best to Connie and please visit the blog and comment often.


I've been dressing for too many years --63 now and remember trying on moms and sisters things at a very young age---divorced 10 years now and remarried almost 2 years now to a woman I've lived with for 7 years  now who accepts me as I am and knew of Connie from the beginning !! We go out as 2 women often with me usually being the more "girly " one...

Lunch -dinner --errands and going to plays has become more enjoyable in FEM mode --and I've reached a point where I feel I'm in need of trying to push the limits without being OUTED by friends and family--

 After a discussion with my wife about those feelings she said "IF you do get hair styled -- it has to be done professionally"---so-- now I'm at that point !!!

Thanks Connie - Let up know how this works out.


  I would like to dedicate Fridays to my friends - your post and photos.  

It is not that I have run out of things to write about, but I want to make this "Our Escape". Please feel free to contribute or comment on something I said - did not say.  if you e-mail me your post I will queue then up and post on Friday.  Tell me about your fun experiences. 


Rhonda  - RhondaWilliams at bellsouth.net


  1. As an update to this process of having my wife agree I should get hair styled and experience the feeling of being out without a wig-- --my hair is getting progressively more annoyingly long and will continue to do so until the time I go to the salon...which will be in early September---Talking to her yesterday about having it done and how I said I thought it might be easier to manage once styled she just laughed and said "You'll find out" then added " I can hear you now once it's done---HELP me with my hair---HELP me with my makeup" --her response did surprise me as I now expect that she expects that it'll BE Connie who she's expecting to see most ofthe time once my hair is styled--not sure how that'll effect social life--- but she's not had any problems being OUT with me as Connie in the past!! life should get interesting then!!

  2. Thanks for the update Connie - Life is interesting when you lake it so.

  3. AS a further "update" on having my own hair styled--- a few days ago we met our woman friend for drinks and dinner (me in male mode) and ran into one of our CD friends in restaurant-- a fun evening ensued for us all-- but the subject did eventually turn to how long my hair has become. Pictures were shown of others who have their own hair styled and wife and GG friend picked out a style they thought would work well for me and they proceeded to instruct me on how I should be brushing and blow drying my hair for a female style--It's a bit overwhelming to hear those things from your wife and woman friend after years of denial from doubt!!-- Now i'm thinking of seeing a specialist on getting Propecia- to get hair thicker on top-----So--no idea where this will end---but the journey is so exciting along the way!!!

  4. updating --again---I was preparing to go visit a salon and talk to someone about what I can do and can't for styling my hair-and I FINALLY did use a mirror to check the back of me head as my wife had mentioned--I was dismayed to see that my own hair is just a bit too thin for me to feel comfortable to go out without a wig on at this time---after chatting with some friends on line about this and talking to a woman friend--I'll now be looking into either a weave or hairpiece to supplement what I lack----I may also look into Propecia as well...-But now that I've let my hair grow long-- I just can't think of cutting it !!!---
    I did go out later that day to run a few errands-- but was wearing a wig !!

    To be continued !!

  5. 2 days ago-- I did finally go out without a wig on----1st time ever----I walked into the salon-and talked to the stylist who was very helpful--she washed- blow dried and then styled my hair ---even my wife was impressed when I walked around the corner in salon to let her see!!!!!Later we met our GG friend and went out for drinks and dinner--It felt so freeing and wonderful sitting at the bar like that--- such a confidence booster as well!!! I'll be making another appointment next month and stylist said she'd like to CUT and style then-----to be able to make it fuller !!!! life goes on and gets more interesting !!!!

  6. More update info----as life does go on things happen that distract you from your desires and goals-- Having to appear as male in a funeral next week-- I'll be needing to keep my now annoying long hair in place as a pall bearer .having a large family it'll be interesting to see and hear comments on why I'm letting my hair grow long...

    I've been getting comments from the few family members I've encountered- but so far none have been really negative----- but a semi-amusing thing did occur in a BJ's warehouse with me and wife -- as I was trying to find razor blades for myself-- a woman approached us from behind and said --- "Hello LADIES"--when I turned around she slowly said " and gentlemen" -- my wife just looked and me and smiled !!! --life goes on---

  7. Yesterday I was told by my friend Barbara that she had ordered a few hairpieces with me in mind !! I drove down to her place and left with a new "piece" that matches my hair color and does cover up an area that's THIN that has bothered me !!!

    Next time I'm in the salon , the stylist will have to work the piece into the styling --It will be nice seeing how this all comes out as my hair continues to grow out longer.

    After leaving Barbara'a I texted my wife and asked if she wanted to meet for a nearly dinner somewhere, which she was happy to agree to as she left work..
    Always a nice feeling when she walks in and sits at the bar next to you and compliments you on the skirt you're wearing !!! She also liked the new hair !!!! :)

  8. Finally got out again with friends for an enjoyable day in P-Town on Cape Cod--My wife put my hair in rollers the evening before and I learned I'll not do that again---- was impossible to sleep comfortably-although we both loved the result---many nice compliments on my new look without a wig--although I am using a small hairpiece!!--so glad I listen to people like Rhonda about hair and care---and enjoying how you WANT to BE--- But i've also discovered the deeper you go into the life of looking FEM---the deeper you want to go!!---can't wait to go back to the salon now

  9. Last week-- I had my hair cut and styled by a woman who had only known me as a GUY---she was recently told of Connie by my wife----this woman and her husband were at our wedding--and we've been out socially with them a few times...she also does my wife's hair,and did it for our wedding !!

    After nervously agreeing to see her to have my hair done by her ( my wife's idea) I was pleased how well things went-she had many questions about how and why I'm like I am, which I answered as honestly as possible.. But it was while I was in her salon chair that I saw her relating to me more as a woman than the GUY she knew--which was showing in the way she was cutting and styling my hair.
    By the end of the appointment we were talking like G/F's might about hair-clothes and makeup...

    To be Continued!!

  10. Thanks for the update Connie. Photos?

    1. almost a year later now--- my hair is past my collar and is annoying in male mode---my wife has given me a bag full of hair accessories to help me keep it out of my face --and has since seemed to learn to enjoy putting me in rollers before we go out as women...----Having let my hair grow does seemingly make the desire to let it keep growing much more intense and also having it styled ----which I've had done a few times now and will continue to do--even as it makes it hard to hide what i'm doing from friends and family who have no idea of Connie !!

  11. 2 years later now and it's been over 2 years since I've had my hair cut AS a male--as time goes by --i now feel uncomfortable seeing my hairdresser in male mode--- for past 2 years she's only SEEN Connie--- is amazing how time changes how you view yourself--