Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Perfect Transgender Story

1960 Virginia Prince/Transvestia novel
The transgender fiction novelette for many of us is a vicarious part of our journey.  Virginia Prince, our departed Grand Dame likely perfected the venue with her Chevalier Publications series of stories. The photo here is the cover from her first novelette – “Fated for Femininity”.  the story is about Lennie Parks, a boy, who became a cheerleader, a beauty queen and then the bride of another "pretty" girl.  The cover image shown here is from an original copy of Virginia’s novelette, which I own and treasure.  

The tradition has continued over the years with the Reluctant Press and the Sandy Thomas series of stories.  Many of which can still be ordered and read in e-books format at Lulu.com - even the “Fated for Femininity” story.

What made me think of this, was yesterday's "Going Back" story.  I must admit that over the years I have consumed my share of these prurient stories preferring the "PG" versions - That is my story and I am sticking to it.  A few years back a good Palm Beach friend passed away, leaving me an almost complete set of the Reluctant Press and Sandy Thomas collection.  On slow days working in my home office, I search the box of one I have not read and put my feet up on the desk.  

Which bring me to a good question for you - What makes for the perfect transgender Story?  

It is said that the perfect country and western song must include a certain narrative; Mama, pickup truck, train, prison and getting drunk.  In fact,  David Allan Coe wrote "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" what is touted as being the perfect country and western song. Just to be sure he had all the bases covered, one verse included all of the above mentioned items.

Here is my list of what must be present in the perfect transgender fiction story:  (please add to the list) 

  • Father absent or nowhere to be found
  • Strong mother, stepmother, sister or aunt 
  • A strong reluctance/resistance to be dressed up 
  • A stash of clothes available (sister away at school)
  • Bad boy to good boy transformation 
  • Sent to a girls' school, dance class or charm school
  • Trapped into the situation with no way out
  • Acceptance and realization that you are so much better off as a girl

Please Comment - Share your Favorite story - Must have plot - Setting?

Mona smiled down into Lennie's eyes, drew him close and circled away with him.  She led as a matter of course and Lennie followed docilely as best he could.  From - "Fated for Femininity"


  1. I would perhaps add the most consistent plot hook of "romantic" acceptance or involvement. Love (sometimes unrequited) is the primary hook of many romance novels and I think that it is a significant undercurrent in much TG writing and fiction. During the years when I worked in NYC I would on occasion find myself near Times Square and would check out the bookstores. I was more drawn to the Sandy Thomas style booklets than that trans porn. While pretty pictures are nice I do like a good story.
    Now, if I have spare time, which is a rare thing indeed, I have been know to check out some of the authors on Fictionmania.tv or Crystal's Story Site (storysite.org). I tend to have little interest in the sci fi or brutal change genre's and much prefer the innocent tales or those with a romantic theme.

  2. Hi Pat,

    So well said - And "romantic" is a great addition to the list. Thanks for the mention of the free web fiction sites. My favorite story line is similar to yours - " innocent tales or those with a romantic theme".

  3. Rhonda

    Just read Going Back … WOW
    And yes, I’ve read this before many years ago.
    I think it was back in the geocities era, probably someone’s web site.
    Whoever it is writes descriptively and authentically.
    I could relate to so much of what she said and I could feel the tension, heard the click of the door, and the smell of the street.
    Who wrote this?
    Maybe we all did?

  4. Trapped with no way out covers a multitude of situations,
    I read a great fiction story about a Russian boy who to escape deportation, used the passport of his cousin who had return Russia. As time would tell it turned out to be more than just one day of course, and the story took him from reluctant accomplice to ready and waiting bride.
    The one you didn’t cover might be,
    If you want a new (something) then do this one little favor for me.
    Take your sisters place and I’ll buy you a that new motorcycle.
    Of course, he/she winds up forgoing the motorcycle for new wardrobe.
    I myself am still waiting to be sent to work in my Aunts Bridal Shop for the summer!

    1. Oh Yes - Aunts Bridal Shop for the summer would be perfect. And all the side adventures - going to dinner, modeling, filling for an ill brides maid, and "the date". Don't forget the reluctant ear piercing.

    2. and she just can't run the shop without me, so guess where I'll be going to college next fall!

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane with these stories.

  5. Rhonda, all of the themes you mentioned were so ridiculously on point. I had to laugh that you really nailed all of them.

    I think it is interesting these themes:

    - A strong reluctance/resistance to be dressed up
    - Trapped into the situation with no way out
    - Acceptance and realization that you are so much better off as a girl

    Themes that have the mind fighting through the thought process of the accepting process of being transgender.

    - Christina Cross