Friday, July 29, 2016

Guest Post - Men Who Wear Makeup & Manscara

5000 years ago ancient Sumerian men and women both wore lipstick made from crushed gemstones to show social status, not gender.

With the passing of Prince, several thoughts came to mind about men wearing makeup and manscara. His flamboyant fashion style and extravagant makeup, along with his sexual lyrics, were his trademark.

The first time I heard Prince’s music was circa 70’s in a Boston discotheque: either Landsdowne, Boston-Boston, 1270, Lucifer’s or Spit. His 1979 song, “I Want To Be Your Lover,” comes to mind. Then, his provocative appearance caught my attention. He had on a brightly colored pantsuit, closely shaved, with a perfectly groomed thin shadow of a mustache and goatee, with foundation base, eyeliner, manscara, wearing lip-gloss and sporting a chic hairdo. He stretched the boundaries and bent gender with fashion and makeup.  At another of Prince’s concert, he wore a fashion forward, bright yellow jumpsuit on stage. Midway into the act he turned around and exposed his butt with circle cut outs strategically placed over the cheeks of his ass. His performance had a stimulating appeal to the audience as he grinded and gyrated his body. Prince’s fashion forward trend was an art.

As I do research for this post, after reading Mr. Farhad Manjoo’s position on men wearing makeup I understand the male consumers’ needs. They want to feel comfortable in their skin, and wearing makeup and being accepted by the public en masse is their quest. Perhaps they have skin imperfections, blemishes, skin discoloration, dark circles and need cosmetic help. I get that. At times, while doing a photo shoot, the male client needs more than just powder. I use foundation and concealer, rarely a touch of mascara. In my makeup supplies, for guys on the street every day, I’m thinking most would feel comfortable wearing tinted SPF moisturizer.   

There are no male cosmetics but I love almost everything in the ZIRH skin care line of products (www.zirh.com/ ).

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