Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday's Shopping

We love shopping- No big secret here.  Yesterday was such a typical South Florida summer day and after a lunch meeting, I decided to hit the mall.  My first stop was to Macy’s where I exchanged a top that I had purchased online.  The original was too big.  I have this top in mind for my next trip, as in “Flying Pretty” as Kimberly Huddle describes it.  Stay tuned.  Macy’s seem to always be having an extended One Day Sale so I took my time and looked around.  There were some great 50% off bargains and I purchase a really cute Ralph Lauren striped top; kind of a nautical look.

Next stop was the Ralph Lauren Store.  Not my typical shopping spot and I find their online prices to be better.  Many of their mall stores are boutique shops, specializing in their top end “Purple Label”.  Today was an exception in that everything on sale was an additional 30% off and not all items online qualify. In the store all item did qualifyA cute little yellow bucket purse was next.  I have some yellow flats from Talbot's that match perfectly.  This is going to be great with white jeans look and my nautical stripe top. 

As I looked through the mall’s skylight I could see storm clouds, so no need to stop now!  A quick break at Nordstrom’s café to gave my feet and credit cards a break.  As I was enjoying my ice tea I made  a few business calls and returned a text or two.  A deep breath as I realized I was just one of the “ladies” relaxing with shopping bags at her feet.  

After my break, I stopped at Brooks Brothers and found another 50% sale.  I tried on a really cute blue and white a-line skirt that would have looked great with any of my blue t-shirt or navy blue, short sleeve sweaters.  That was a maybe for later.  The only negative was a little long and it would require hemming - no petite in stock. 

 My final stop of the day was the Banana Republic.  Wow – many items marked down 40% and then you could get an extra 50% off.  It is there I found the skirt pictured above.  It is an item I would not have considered, had I not seen the photo, pairing it with the navy blue top (also love the accessories).  It is not a red-red but almost orange with the background being a muted teal - A very odd combination that is beautiful.  I have many similar tops shown in the fashion layout that go with it, so this was a no-brainier.  The skirt is the exact material as the photo above however shorter.  Almost a mini-skirt but being “a-line” it still flatters.  I guess I think and shop younger than my years?  Oh well.  

So as we all prepare for the 4th be sure to do your civic duty and contribute to our retail economy.  Escape to the mall.

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