Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shopping Excursion – Galleria Mall Dallas

Yesterday I did a little update to this site.  Call it a one-year makeover.  I hope you like it.  The photo is from last week’s shopping excursion to the Galleria mall, in Dallas.  This is one of my favorite malls and on business trips to the area I will always make the effort to stop there.   I love to shop.  The Galleria is not new but over the years has kept itself current with modern stores, and a pleasant/upscale look.

On this particular afternoon, I had finished somewhat early at my client's so decided to rest a little and have some Rhonda time.  First stop was the pool wearing my one-piece miracle bathing suit.  When doing this, I go down to the pool wearing a modest t-shirt cover-up, shorts and just take these off after I arrive.  On this afternoon, it was actually too hot.  Even after several dips in the outdoor pool, it was still too hot.  Therefore, after about a half-hour, with some of that spent under an umbrella, I opted for plan “B” – the mall.  

Still being hot, even after a shower, I decide to go casual, with the outfit I had traveled in to Dallas; Talbots, stripe top, flair jeans, and white shoes.  I did minimum make-up – with very little foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick.  For the hair, I just turned my head upside down, brushed it out and applied a little hair spray.   This was a five minute of less procedure.  

I seemed to blend it.  Although this is an upscale mall, it was Wednesday mid-afternoon, and not that busy.  After several stops and trying on some items, I relaxed and knew I was OK.  I was watching the ice skating when two women came by and starting taking selfies using their iPhone.  A conversation happened and I volunteered to take a “good” picture of them together.  After, I asked If they would take one of me with my “always in my purse” camera and they agreed; thus the one that is now my blog header.  I hesitate to put up this other photo because it is somewhat fuzzy but does show the total outfit for that afternoon.    

I learned they were from Mexico and like me really loved the Galleria.  They had spent the day shopping and had the bags to prove it.  After taking the last photo one of the women said to me, “you are a beautiful woman.”  I am not sure if she was being facetious or just giving an unsolicited compliment, but I will take it as the latter.   For the rest of the afternoon, I had a big smile and as I drove back to my hotel, I could not help but think, “Life is good”.  

Galleria - Dallas TX


  1. I hope you made it out of Big D before the Black Lives Matter protest and the carnage against the Dallas Police.

    PS: Great Photo and good layout of the blog page.

  2. HI Pat,

    Thanks for the comment - Yes I was heading out of downtown as all the police were heading in. I was staying in North Dallas so away for trouble. Really strange being in a town with something happening and watching local news instead of CNN.

  3. I love the banner for the blog. The picture is very flattering of you. I agree with the ladies from Mexico "You are a beautiful woman".

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for the comment. In my mind the jury is still out on their comment. Compliments are like a sweet desert - nice to get occasionally but you can not live on them.

    Please comment again soon.


  5. I loved reading this short story of your day--- I agree with the ladies you are a beautiful woman--and do like that you can do so in a casual manner and dress !!! Something I aspire to do as well---