Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Get Letters.....

There are several questions and comments I have receive over the past weeks, so I will address then here:

First thanks to Maura.  I had misattributed my opening quote to George Elliott and it should be George Eliot.  That was just poor research on my part.  I hope that has not taken away from the meaning – A quote that so applies to us. It is easy to say it is too late in my life; I do not have the resources or I have too many obligations.  I know personally I used all of those excuses and wasted precious time.  

Pool Time: I receive a question on the pool time from the last trip.  After my client obligation on two days, I went to the hotel pool.  Shown here is the cover-up, shorts and bathing suit I utilized.  I love this suit – it is modest, firm and flattering.  The leg openings are quite high which is attractive but requires an added degree of shaving and hair trimming (likely TMI).  What we girls have to endure.  No one raises an eye when I basically undressed at the pool, down to just my bathing suit.  Most hotels require you to wear a cover-up when going to the pool.  I also noticed that the women, typically, when getting in and out of the pool, carry a towel/wrap to the pool edge to provide an additional degree of modesty.  The pool on both days was busy.  On the second day I spent about an hour and a half with a good part under an umbrella.  Water time was to just cool off. 

Anyone that knows me will appreciate the irony in the "tomboy" t-shirt. 

Mall Time:  When traveling I typically will always find a mall to walk around.  Without question, my favorite is the Dallas Galleria.  I worked in Dallas for about two years, however only as my home/corporate office.  Most all of the work was done at clients with only the occasional trips into Dallas for training.  That is when I came to love the Galleria; Great stores.  Here is another photo take inside the mall. 

My Hair:  Yes, that is my natural hair.  I am blessed with thick hair and Rhonda takes advantage.  I have a great stylist and works it in a manner that I can somewhat wear it either way. Although on this last trip, the sides were almost too long for male mode.  Since I have gotten a haircut but still have my hair is tapered in the back, layered on the sides and based on where I have it parted it can be both male or female.  I do get "Ma'am" a lot.  Please don’t hate me. 

Always, feel free to comment, help me with additional clarifying research, and ask questions.  Thank you!


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