Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Going Back

Over twenty years ago I discovered the story below on the internet. I found it to be much more than entertaining. To me it was all about remembering childhood adventures fears and then later in life, returning home. It rang true. Here is the story:

The internet of that day was AOL where early transgender internet pioneer Gwendolyn Smith hosted the Transgender Community Forum on AOL. There we would meet "on-line" once a week to chat and exchange ideas.  I was known as "RhondaTV". This is likely the place where I first found this story and downloaded it from a FTP site.  I wish I could tell you more and hope some of you can provide more information.  

I remembered the story well but did not have an electronic copy and until just week did not a paper copy either.  I found a printed copy and was able to scan, OCR and capture to PDF.  You will need a PDF reader - It is safe to open.  I do not know who the author is and I am not representing this story to be my work - I wish.  I only did some formatting, and minor editing.  Please help me if you have a copy and know who wrote it. I want to give credit for the excellent writing and narrative.  If you have difficulty opening the story from the links provided, e-mail me and I will send you a private link to download/view it.

Read and Enjoy.  

"Going Back"


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