Monday, July 16, 2018

A New and Damming Level of Hypocrisy

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham tells Jimmy Carter that Jesus would kill gay people, not marry them.

 By Bil Browning Thursday, July 12, 2018 

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Responding to former President Jimmy Carter’s statement that Jesus would support same-sex marriage, Trump supporter and supposed Christian, Franklin Graham launched a blistering attack on Facebook.

Jesus wouldn’t bless gay couples, the far right minister says. Instead, God would kill them all.

“Jesus didn’t come to promote sin, He came to save us from sin,” Graham wrote. “The Bible is very clear. God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. God defines sin in His Word—it’s not up to our opinion, the latest poll, or a popular vote.”

“God loves us and gives us the truth in His Word. He warns us of the serious consequences of sin,” Graham finished before launching into one of the Bible verses that evangelicals use to condemn LGBT people.

If you’re thinking, “Boy, that sounds a lot like the religious reasons why slavery shouldn’t be abolished,” you’d be right. But you shouldn’t be surprised.

Graham’s father, the late televangelist Billy Graham, was known to eschew blatant politics beyond serving as a spiritual advisor for multiple Presidents and purposefully integrated his followers during the civil rights era.

His son has instead made it a priority to promote the Republican Party – especially the most immoral president in the nation’s history – and endorses discrimination against people of color and LGBT people.


Shame on You!!!!!!!


  1. shame indeed. Graham is a GOP hack no surprise there Rhonda

  2. Sadly, Franklin Graham did not learn much from his father, save for the power that religion has in manipulating people to do one's will. May he join his father soon.

  3. Shame on YOU, Rhonda for putting dirty malicious words into the mouths of others. Have you forgotten your commandments?
    "Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

    These words, that you say Graham said, "Jesus wouldn’t bless gay couples, the far right minister says. Instead, God would kill them all"....are your false testimony, not the words of Rev. Graham.

    1. If there is a source that states these words are reported incorrectly please provide it.

  4. Rhonda, good for you for posting this. Too often trans folks are told to stay from politics... even something as important as this. So, thank you for your courage, girl!