Friday, July 27, 2018

Friend's Friday - Girl's Shopping Afternoon

I had the most glorious girl's day out last week. The wife of the executive director from two of my most recent Rhonda jobs sent a text to ask if I would like to go shopping. She needed help finding a cocktail dress for an upcoming event. After pinching myself to make sure I was awake, I responded "SURE".  The date was set.

Our plan was to meet for lunch, and strike out on the "mission shopping" from there. We met at a restaurant/wine bar and laughed and giggled through wine samplings and lunch. We had catching up to do at our girls only lunch unencumbered by male influence.  

Listed above are all the stores we visited as we traversed my upscale Palm Beach Gardens Mall from one end to the other. We each tried on dresses, helping each other with selections and offering honest and some times brutal opinions.

The final selection was from Nordstrom and is the dress featured above. WOW! Did it look great on her; just as good as it appears on the model. I am soooo jealous!!!  

Our final stop was Starbucks where we sat in an inside garden, had coffee and talked for another hour. Neither of us was in a hurry. That was about three hours of fun and total feminine immersion. A wonderful hug ended our "Girl's Shopping Afternoon", with promises to do it again. 

There are proceedings that each gender takes for granted as being part of their routine. The adventures of this afternoon were such a feminine immersion that at the time I actually had to take a deep breath to allow the events to wash over me. To call it a fantasy, does not fully capture the nature of this beautiful ESCAPE.  One can go through living life routinely by the hour and day, however it is the moments that matter.  What a wonderful day, full of memorable moments.  

My appreciation for life abounds at the reality of being accepted at all levels and having such a glorious escape with a wonderful friend. Thank you.    

An art layout I did for my friend to honor her 2012 retirement.  

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