Monday, September 9, 2019

Feminine Differential - Denim Trends '19

Colored jeans, High Rise and Button Fly

There is no one who loves getting dressed up in a beautiful elegant dress more than I. However, practicality rules. And nothing is more practical than denim jeans. All of the fashion writers for fall and winter are stating; "They are back!"  I never knew they went anywhere.  

The problem with just any pair of jeans is that with no thought to style, they can look like you are starting a project in the garage or going for a ride on the Harley. Not that there is anything wrong with those activities - For me feminine rules.  

Colored jeans are a new item for me and I really like the look of the jeans on the left; LEE Monroe Straight Jeans. My go-to everyday jeans are in the center and yes, they are the same style. The color on left jeans is Antler, and the center jeans is Seattle. Don't like these two colors - there are 27 other colors.   

Here are the wonderful sweet spots that hit for me: Relaxed fit yet snug fitting in the back to give some rear definition. Slim through the legs but easy on-off. "High Rise / High Waisted", so no muffin top and feminine cut.  

Here is the Amazon linkLEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The third trend that I adore is "button fly"; again in high rise. I have not seen too many of these in years past, however this fall they are everywhere. They tend to have a form fitting front and back, thus definitely not "your father's jeans".  These require a little effort to get the right fit but worth it as to the feminine differential.  

Here is the Amazon link for these JeansJag Jeans Women's Gwen Button Fly Straight Jean. Levi jeans have always had a selection of "button fly", so do check there as well.  

The one other trend that I just love that is a consistent fashion Feminine Differential - Heels with Jeans.  Here is what the fashion blog "Refinery29" stated:

Glam and Glitter - Jeans and Heels 

It's Look Like A Fashion Person 101: Wear a pair of single-soled pumps with a pair of well-loved jeans, and you're set. It almost doesn't matter what you have on top; with a ratty T-shirt or a couture blouse, the combination of jeans and pumps gives your outfit a 'on my way to a fashion show' verve.


  1. Interesting, that they decided to name that color Seattle. Was it because Perry Como sang "The bluest sky you'll ever see is in Seattle?" Blue jeans are definitely the main fashion statement in the birthplace of Grunge, but I wish we'd move on to other things. Around here, it seems that the look never left, so we can't even call it retro. I got a chuckle that the model for the Seattle jeans is also wearing pumps; not the grunge look at all. Nevertheless, I wear jeans almost every day, and even with heels when I feel daring.

    The alternative to jeans for many women is leggings. Although I have some, I have yet to find a tunic top (to cover the not-so-smooth area down there) that I really like. There are many women who, if they had a double-mirror that revealed their rear ends, may change their minds about wearing them at all. The nice thing about a good pair of jeans is that they shape the body, whereas leggings shape themselves to the wearer.

    Then, again, Seattle native, Sir Mix-a-lot, sang "I like big butts, and I cannot lie." :-)

    1. Great comment Connie. I received the "Seattle" jeans after I wrote this post and they are much more a darker tan than the mauve that I saw in the Amazon representation. Still a keeper.

      Do they have blue sky in Seattle? I have been there I did not see any.

    2. The sky is really blue, but only long-time and native Seattle-ites can see it. We don't want too many people deciding to move here - although, companies like Amazon and Microsoft have painted a different picture. :-)

  2. I've got all different color jeans, a lot of them skinny jeans, in white, black, deep burgundy, mauve, peachy khaki, green, and regular blue denim. I have one pair of button fly jeans and really dislike them. A zipper is so much more convenient!