Monday, September 2, 2019

Would You Wear - Shorts?

I have girl friends that avoid shorts. When I mention that I still/do wear shorts, I get an eye roll that says "sure?" then a big shark. Many women over 40 avoid shorts because they simply don’t know how to choose (or style) a pair in a chic and flattering way. Some avoid shorts because their legs are too white, or unattractive with leg veins or cellulite. There are good reasons to not wear shorts, but do not limit your style option when you can make shorts work. And be attractive.           

According to 40+Style, take into account these three things:  Body Shape; Height; Legs.  

Body Shape: Most women are one (or sometimes a combination) of 5 different body shapes: apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. Certain shorts will work better on one shape over another. Keep your shape in mind when looking at the styles.

Height: Height can also add to the variable of how to choose the best shorts for your body shape. Petite women should be more careful of how much fabric the shorts have in the form of bows, pleats and other details, which can overwhelm the frame. Regardless of height, always consider if the shorts you’re trying on are the right length for your height. If they’re too long, hem them. Too short? Choose another pair.

Legs: Legs are probably the top reason most women won’t wear shorts. Being self conscious about cellulite, veins, scars or other issues are valid but there are solutions. Choose longer short styles to hide imperfections that may make you self-conscious like cellulite. Why not wear a pair of lightweight stocking under a shorter pair of shorts like below? It’s a fashion-forward look and some tights or stockings like the ones Spanx makes will also conceal veins or scars and smooth the body fat in your legs. Give this look a try for Spring or Fall.

Read more at 40+ Style - The Best Women’s Shorts That Fit And Flatter Women Over 40 Of Any Shape.

Because many mornings I like to walk on the beach, I enjoy shorts and have several pairs or jeans shorts. My favorites are "Banana Republic White Denim Roll Cuff shorts" or my "Levi's Women's 501 High Rise Shorts". 


My favorite is the "shortie" if I must select from the list above. Would you wear shorts - Do you?  What style?  What have you found to be the best shorts for you? 

Cozumel Mexico - June '19


  1. What?
    No DAISY DUKES? ;-)
    If you got nice legs, (and YOU do!) show 'em off! Damn the age restrictions...
    P.S. I have been looking for PINK jeans shorts all season. :-(
    And YES, I do wear 'em 'out'.

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