Wednesday, September 4, 2019

This Is F*cked Up

(CNN) A series of new firearm laws go into effect in Texas on Sunday (September 1), just hours after a shooting left seven people dead in the western part of the state.

The laws will further loosen gun restrictions in a state that's had four of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history, including the El Paso shooting last month, when a gunman stormed a Walmart and killed 22 people.

The new measures were all passed during the 2019 legislative session, which ended in June. Here are the sweeping firearm laws going into effectBelow is an abridged list of the changes (likely approved, written and pushed into law by the NRA). 

  • Weapons on school grounds
  • Marshals at schools
  • Guns in foster homes
  • Weapons in apartments
  • Handguns during a disaster
  • Firearms in places of worship

Governor Greg Abbott speaks at the NRA convention in Dallas
According to Cristina Cabrera at Talking Points Monitor, after the deadly shooting in El Paso in early August, Abbott and other Texas Republicans refused to engage with the topic of gun control and blamed the massacre on mental health and video games instead.

When you get 10 pro-2nd Amendment bills to the governor and he signs them all, I would rank it up there with one of the most successful sessions we’ve had. TARA MICA, NRA TEXAS LOBBYIST


Simple - We need to let politicians know that if they take NRA money, we will not vote for them. If they support the NRA gun lobby they are not representing your will. Voting them out is the only fix. Don't expect any politician to get a conscience when money is involved. Vote in someone who will promise to make a change and not take NRA MONEY.    

Let's have a sane understanding of the Second Amendment. Using an assault weapon on people is not sport hunting. IT IS WAR. - It is condoning, supporting, and giving license to mass murder. 

Consider this: Polls have consistently shown about 90% of Americans support requiring universal background checks on gun sales, including those at gun shows or across the internet. That figure includes nearly 90% of Republicans and gun owners. A ban on assault weapons remains more controversial, but amid the relentless pulse of mass shootings over the past few years, about three-fifths of Americans are now expressing support for such a prohibition.Yet congress does nothing.  

Even if Democrats in 2020 hold the House, retake the White House and regain a Senate majority, this regional dynamic virtually guarantees Republicans could still block any legislation because of the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to advance legislation in the Senate.

I am not sure that Beto O'Rourke is the most dynamic candidate in the current Democrat field. However, he sure nailed it this Sunday on CNN's State Of The Union:



  1. Canadians do not understand this at all. In fact we are gobsmacked

  2. I would respectfully refer you to a left wing anti-gun article written by Leah Libresco in the Washington Post on October 3, 2017 titled "I Used to Think that Gun Control was the Answer but My Research Told Me Otherwise."
    She and her colleagues analyzed all gun related deaths in the US and found the statistics that show what a fool Beto and those of his anti- freedom beliefs are.
    Two-thirds of all gun deaths are suicides. If you believe that suicide is the act of a fool remember that you cannot make anything fool proof...they are too ingenious...and they will find another method.
    Another 20 percent were young men typically being shot in gang related activities or street violence and none of the proposed laws would have any impact on criminals getting illegal guns. The next largest group were killed as a result of domestic violence.
    There are no statistics to support the premise that the Constitutional attack by the left would lead to any decrease in deaths or shootings. Doing something for the sake of doing something often brings into play the law of unintended consequences. Be careful what you wish for. If you take guns away from law abiding citizens then only the criminals would have guns. Good luck with that Beto.

    1. Pat, I always value your opinions and comments. I don't think banning guns is a viable option and the protections that the second amendment provides is real. Military assault style weapons should be difficult to purchase and controlled to protect us from the mass murderers. Thoughts and prayers are just doing it.

  3. There is a problem with definitions. Assault can be done with a fist, a brick, a knife, a bomb, a car, a peashooter, or any form of fire arm. They are all assault weapons. Military automatic weapons are already totally banned. There is no technical difference between the semi-automatic weapons that "look like" military weapons and those that do not.
    With all of the gun control talk going on I have not heard one of the Democrats talk about taking weapons away from criminals...only from law abiding citizens. That is also true about the media. The media stopped talking about the Odessa shooter when it became known that he was a Democrat/Socialist who had been a Bernie supporter and who had a Beto sticker on his car. He was also a two time felon who should never have been allowed to have a weapon. It is not helpful when a dozen were killed in Chicago and three dozen shot and there is no media outrage and the mayor of Chicago blames Republicans. Evil does not obey laws.

    1. A mad man/woman with a civilian AR15/M16 is good for about 60 aimed shots per minute, with a 97% hit rate on a human-size target at 100 yards. A fist, a brick, a knife, a bomb (IED), a car, a peashooter pail in comparison to the damage an AR15 assault weapon can do. An AR15 is not good for hunting. Ridiculous for home protection. It is designed for only one purpose (unlike cars and pea-shooters) - Mass military killing and maximum causalities upon an enemy. Who is the domestic enemy? School children, concert goers, shoppers, church attenders, nightclub goers,...

  4. You have a gun crazy culture in the States to be sure because the amount of deaths by firearms per capita are off the charts compared to any other country in the world. Why should some civilian own a military style weapon that can shred scores of people to pieces in a few seconds? Absolutely no good reason but the NRA wields dar too much power. These killings will continue on a regular basis until someone has the courage to do the right thing. Otherwise just keep bracing yourselves everytime you are in any public spaces...