Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tropical Summer Shopping

I was in Palm Beach a few weeks ago and got caught in one of our typical afternoon/tropical thunderstorms. I waited out the worst of it in the car (listening to satellite radio) and at the first break darted into a nearby store to browse. It just happened to be the Lilly Pulitzer boutique - oh darn.

There was one other couple shopping on this very quiet summer afternoon. In season, because of all the out-of-town shoppers, one can barely get a parking place on Worth Avenue or changing room in a store. I took my time and enjoyed the feminine atmosphere and the overload of uniquely Lilly / Palm Beach colors.  

Lilly Pulitzer Store - Palm Beach 

On the last cruise I saw an absolutely gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress and inquired if they had it still available. I just can't get enough of the off-the-shoulder look. Based on my description - I was told that was "last season" and it sold out very quickly. No surprise there. They did have available in a very similar pattern the off-the-shoulder top shown above. If I remembered the dress correctly, that was the exact same print.  Maybe it is my feminine nature - I do remember stuff like that.  

I tried it on over my white Chico's "So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans" and even the other couple shopping commented how nice it looked with the skinny jeans. Of course the sales girls "oohed and awed".  At home I already have the white Lilly scallop shorts so that base is covered. (Sorry for the sports analogy.)  

Had I had the right shoes (take your pick from the above collection), I would have worn it to my "evening meetup" at the Colony, Palm Beach. Double darn!! For another night. Lilly, not just for a cruise.  

Left photo taken by the sales girl and the other a selfie taken in the changing room mirror.


  1. Well, Rhonda, I think you hit a home run with that outfit. Umm, I mean scored. No, a slam dunk! OK,how about, that takes the cake Betty Crocker! :-)

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