Friday, September 27, 2019

Friends Friday - Mercedes Club Dinner. What to wear?

Our Concours d'Elegance - Road Star Club 
My Mercedes Club is part of the “Mercedes-Benz Club of America”. Our local group is called the “Road Star Section”.  

A blog that I regularly read, “Susan After 60” mentioned in one of her posts that she and Mr. Mickey had attended a local event involving their cars. They were members of a MB Club, "Smoky Mountain Section". Thank you Susan – I joined my local club after getting information from her and have been a member since ’17.  

As a group we do some really interesting events. Our season highlight is our very own  Concours d'Elegance, where members clean up their cars and display them with pride. Within our club, their are some amazing and classic/vintage Mercedes. With about 250 local members. We also have group wine tastings, museum tours, a holiday party, and fun breakfasts. We typically meet once a month during our fall,  winter and spring seasons.  

Elliott Museum  - Road Star Club 
The National Club, which we all are members of as well, has many benefits that make the modest annual dues so worth while. The National Club supports the local chapters financially and provides record keeping (membership renewals and list).  Also, we get a beautifully printed magazine, "The Star", monthly with insider MB information, history and club news.  

I was asked to join the Board of Directors of our local club last year and have enjoyed helping and volunteering. Acceptance abounds. Never underestimate the joy of volunteering and getting out – "Escapes".

I suggested at our last meeting that we try something different. A season starter at a local restaurant where we have a cocktail hour and dinner. Kind of an official/unofficial casual meetup with no fixed agenda or program planned; A meet and greet.  The event will be this coming Sunday, September 29th.  

There has been an amazing response; considering it is also a religious observance evening. We actually have all the restaurant can handle and several RSVP comments have stated: “This was a wonderful idea”.  

Our president has held the position for over 7 years and is an amazing organizer with many connections into the Porsche, Jaguar, and Ferrari local clubs. The vice president does not have any interest in taking the reins and I have been asked if I would consider being vice-president and then taking over as president in a year. The event on Sunday is a trial for me to see if I like working with the group and how they will react to a “woman” taking a lead. Many of the members are older men. So be it.  

OMG: What to wear? 

Stay tuned - I will post photos next week of the dinner event. 

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  1. I hope it goes well Rhonda. Plus I’m looking forward to seeing what you wear!