Monday, September 16, 2019

Time's A Wastin'

Over the years I have spent many hours shopping and putting together outfits. Matching, making sure the shoes are just so, and then spending hours getting the makeup perfect. Some of this time was spent procrastinating because I feared going out the door. "Oh, I think these shoes will look better." 

There is a simple elegance that can be seen every day by just looking around; be it at an airport, the mall or market. Confidence and the art of blending with feminine simplicity and elegance.   
Tall? - Own it!

The classic v-neck tee/sweater is a perfect example of simplicity when worn with jeans.  Almost any style of shoes will work with a tee/jeans outfit - you dress up the outfit, depending on the situation, with different styles of shoes. If the weather is cool, choose instead a v-neck *sweater in place of the tee.  The beauty of either of these combinations. It can work with almost any shape (or lack of). Waist issue - blouse it out. Hips issue - opt for a tunic/longer style. If you are tall - own it.

Have you ever wondered why this universal piece of clothing is called jeans?  Here is what "Today I Found Out" has to say:  

Jeans are easily one of the most ubiquitous pieces of clothing on Earth with millions of pairs being made, sold and wrapped around the butts of style conscious individuals every single day. But why are jeans so popular and for what purpose were they first made?

Before we answer that it’s important for us to first define exactly what we mean when we say “jeans” because the word has changed in context over the last few hundred years. As detailed by the Fashion Encyclopedia, the term “jeans” has existed since the 1600's, where it was used as a catch-all term to describe the “rough clothing worn by working men”. Since the fabric used to make these clothes often came from the Genoa region in Italy, it was commonly referred to as “jean”. Weavers from the Nimes area of France tried to replicate this fabric and it eventually came to be known as “denim” a bastardization of the words “de Nimes” (from Nimes). Cool, huh?

Pick your outfit (simple is always better), do your makeup and get out and go. Make a hasty escape, while you can! 

Time's A Wastin'.

June Carter Cash & Carl Smith - Time's A Wastin'   


*Fashion Item note: Venus - TIE SLEEVE CHENILLE SWEATER $49. This is really a neat looking sweater and it will get a lot of use this fall and winter. The fit is nice with enough feminine details to dress up your day.  

"This long sleeved, V-neck sweater features wide-ribbed fabric styling. This relaxed fit piece features crisscross lace up details on both sleeves, shoulder to elbow." (Venus)

Sizes: XS (2) to 3X 

Long sleeves with lace up detail at upper arms

V-neck style with ribbed texture

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