Thursday, October 22, 2020

Feminine Differential - Proportions

Ralph Lauren - Pattern Play
In classic navy and white, spring’s subtle designs easily mix and match 

Stana in one of her posts recently discussed receiving an advertisement email from ShopBAZAAR, which featured the image of a model of indeterminate gender.  I guess my radar went up as I noticed another prominent designer with a similar image, shown above. 

As to the gender-specific marketing, there is no question. Yes, the items are feminine.  E.g. a drawstring purse, flora skirt on the model to the right and feminine cut pantsuit on the model to the left. 

However, look closely at then model on the right. There are some very subtle not so feminine features. Yes, I know models are tall, thus many times producing larger overall features by comparison. Let face it, they are models because of their proportions and visual appeal. Many times specific (beautiful) male features do not become noticeable until seen alongside a genetic female. Thus the possible contrast in the above photo. 

I know, maybe just a silly observation. Likely completely wrong and misinterpreted. What is most encouraging, as Stana and I have discussed, is the blurring of the male/female gender lines. If this is the case, certainly not the first male model wearing feminine clothing and unlikely to be the last. We have come along way, baby.

Treasure our new found freedom - Escape!  


  1. Speaking of 'gender indeterminate models'..... (A term much more favorable than 'androgynous', IMHO)
    I noticed this Advil commercial on broadcast TV, and here is the link to this person doing a dreaded, teeth clinching, face writhing ankle turn while walking on an irregular surface, in heels....
    The segment of interest is about 3 seconds in...


    PS Love her shoes!
    Also reminds me how I am SOOOOOO out of practice walking in heels, as there is no place to go....

  2. Hi Rhonda,

    The link in the last sentence (first male model) goes nowhere and I’m dying to see where it goes! LOL