Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Oreo - Proud Parent


Oreo’s New Ad On LGBTQ Acceptance Is So Necessary

ProudParent Pack of Oreos

(Thanks Velma for sending this one along)

by Kristine Cannon October 9, 2020

Oreo and PFLAG’s year-long Proud Parent initiative is designed to, as Oreo puts it, “shine a spotlight on the powerful impact love and acceptance can have on LGBTQ+ youth.”

Not only did Oreo create a limited edition #ProudParent pack of Oreos that feature rainbow-colored creme, but they’re giving them away solely to the first 10,000 people who share a photo on Instagram or Twitter showing what allyship means to them. And so far, the tweets and posts are just beautiful.

"A loving world starts with a loving home’

Chug a glass of water and grab a tissue (or use your shirt like I did), because Oreo‘s new ad — just in time for LGBTQ History Month — will hit you square in the feels and bring you to tears.


  1. "A loving world starts with a loving home".
    "A loving world also allows for real world wages"-- in order to provide 'for that loving home. (Velma)

    In spite of all the 'warm fuzzies' over at OREO-ville for the positive LGBTQ commercial....
    It aint all about rainbow colored Oreos and milk inside the parent corporation.
    Oreo, that is, Nabisco is owned by an investment conglomerate named Mondelez, and all they care about is their profits.
    This is not the first, only, or last instance that individuals or groups of individuals and their respective personal images have been used, misused, abused by BIG FAT CORPORATE AMERICA.
    This is the real side of the average two faced, corporation.
    I recall tRUMP using this incident to encourage workers and customers to BOYCOTT Nabisco. Once. Apparently someone reminded tRUMP that organized, WOKE workers was not such a good idea, and he never mentioned this injustice again, to my knowledge.
    Take a moment to read.


  2. Thanks Velma - enlightening and a sad story.