Monday, October 5, 2020

Style Fun - Is It Cool Yet?

Fall 2020 Planning


Like it or not most of the US is still under limited "Social Event" outings.  Florida's, not-the-smartest, governor has thrown open the doors. However, for my own personal safety I plan on avoiding large groups for a while longer. That does not preclude the mall, furniture shopping and small limited groups that share my sense of safety.  

Now that somewhat cooler weather is around, I saw this beautiful sweater top up on the Venus site -  (Tie Sleeve Chenille Sweater). I purchased it last year and during trips north last winter it got a lot of wear.  The V-Neck is flattering and it has just the right amount of feminine flair.  With jeans, it really looks nice. 

The other feminine touches are a many-seasons-old Brighton Bracelet Watch, hoop earrings and basic feminine glasses from my favorite eye-wear store, Eyes On The Island in Palm Beach.    



The cute platform sneakers are Supega (Women's 2790 Acotw Platform Sneaker) and I got then from Amazon.  Again, just enough feminine flair and I have seen these being worn a lot. 

It is never too late. Plan for cooler weather and escapes in our new reality of dressing-down. 



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