Monday, October 26, 2020

The New Feminine Differential?


How to Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

If you are still living in the alternate reality of skirts and dresses think again. So much has changed since we were going out as groups to restaurants, clubs and the office just a few months ago. Working from home and even outing to Starbucks has change the way we think style. YS Weekender described it this way when discussing future style:

The COVID-19 pandemic has been truly a “black swan” event all across the globe and ushered in major changes to different aspects of life. While some of these changes may or may not be permanent, certain tectonic shifts in industries like fashion are inevitable. If ever there was a time for fashion to reinvent itself, it is now.

With blending in and still keeping the feminine differential in mind, I will attempt to post suggestions that will give us options and suggestions. Today on the blog, Hi Sugarplum, I found an enlightening discussion on a style that is seen everywhere especially in fall/winter; ankle boots with skinny jeans.

Here are Cassie's suggestions:

And while there are no right or wrong ways for cuffing, some are definitely more flattering than others! When it comes to ankle boots (basically any boot but knee-high or over-the-knee) and skinny jeans, I am not a fan of tucking your jeans in the boots, or pulling them over the top of the boot. Leave those looks to tall boots and boot-cut jeans.


I personally like this look.  The jeans are distinctively feminine and the boots provide some gate changing heel effect.

I am sad to see dresses and skits passing and those of us of the boomer generation will always have several for dressy events. One of my daughter has a recruiting business and even the job interview outfit has changed especially when the interview and job both may be virtual.  

Females have been moving away for dresses and skits preferring pants for a number of years. The practically is obvious. As one Q&A blog stated: "Nobody wants to look like someone from the 1950's".  Oh, that hurt!   

How are you adapting to this new Feminine Differential?



  1. As I've been getting deeper into my own transition, I've been thinking way more about jeans/leggings and comfy tops and way less about dresses and skirts. I still like a nice dress, from time to time, but I'm at that point where I want simple, casual comfort day to day. To be fair, that's been my style for a long time, it's simply going to get more feminine.

  2. As a card carrying, garden variety crossdresser, I personally lament the passing (it is passing or even already has) of dresses and skirts. Oh sure, some younger women have a sundress or two, some mini-skirts for clubbing etc.
    For me, as sad as it is, it is what it is. We just gotta role with the change.
    Angel Amore

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