Monday, October 19, 2020

It's Leather Time


From one of the first times I ever wore a leather item I was hooked.  It is the richness of the texture, and the way it shapes to the body.  To my joy you see it year-after-year.  I typically try and find it on sale and many times it can be found in the spring when merchants are clearing fall/winter items.  

A good quality black or tan skirt is a must for those "make an entrance" evening out.  Do not be fooled by vegan-leather or faux-leather. Nothing looks cheaper and it will not hold up for more than one season. Think investment shopping when choosing any leather product. You are purchasing an item that will not go out of style and will last. The above leather skirt was purchased from Talbot's about 5 years ago.  

The sweater item of note is the Venus - Boat Neck Cable Knit Sweater.  it is currently on the Venus site and covers several of my favorite looks.  The peach color looks great with my white hair; the boat neck is flattering for short necks, and it has enough texture to the fabric to have style.  Best of all is the price - reasonable at $54.00. (on sale today @ 39.00)

The other item worth noting is the MCM  Berlin Visetos Coated Canvas Drawstring Handbag. It is currently offered at the Nortstrom site and is an investment item that I have been watching for several years.  MCM is a recognizable designer item by its coated canvas material and distinctive "MCM" logo.  Here is a product line description:

Founded in 1976 in Munich, MCM is a brand that's bold, irreverent and aspirational—with an eye toward revolutionizing classic design. MCM's vision is to transform luxury fashion accessories and travel goods by combining craftsmanship and value for today's modern generation of global nomads: dreamers, creatives and digital natives who are unconstrained by rules and boundaries.

I am still looking forward to time when getting out is not a "Do I really need to attend this event?" question.   




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